Overview of the 2015 Bellevue Fall Conference

On October 24, 2015, we held the first ever Bellevue Fall Conference. The theme for the day was “Faith and Family: How the Gospel Transforms Relationships in the Home and Church.” Every Christian has a family. Our conference aimed to encourage and equip us by the good news of the Gospel to live faithfully in every family sphere we reside, from marriage, to parenting and extended family, to our relationship with the Church family. Here are the six main sessions from the day. I hope they serve you and your families well.

Session One: JT Holderman–How the Gospel Cultivates Joy in the Family

Session Two: Andrew Smith–How the Gospel Transforms the Church into Family 

Session Three: Tim Witmer–How the Gospel Transforms Leadership At Home and in the Church 

Session Four: Brandon Fisher–How the Gospel Transforms Marriage: Uniting Love 

Session Five: Scott Redd–How the Gospel Transforms Intimacy in Community and Marriage

Communion Service Sermon: Bud Davies–How the Gospel Adopts Us Into the Family of God