The Session of Bellevue Church is a board that functions both as the shepherd leaders of the congregation and as trustees responsible to the state. There are several Committees of Session who focus on guiding the life of the Bellevue church community. Each committee is comprised of at least one member from the Session and members of the congregation who have volunteered to serve on the committee. Here are some of the Committees of Session and their role in the life of Bellevue:

The building committee is responsible for coordinating the maintenance and upkeep of the church building and its facilities. Session Members:  Hank Cochran (chairperson) assisted by session members David Doutrich and Rob Bitts.
Christian Education
The Christian Education committee is responsible for all Sunday School classes, Vacation Bible School, selecting teachers, and creating curricula.  Our youth ministry also falls under the privilege and responsibility of the Christian Education committee. Session Members: Alex Melson (chairperson) & Adam Snyder. Staff Liaison: Kevin Wenrich, Director of Children’s Ministries.
The grounds committee is responsible for coordinating the maintenance and upkeep of the church property (exterior to the building), including things such as landscaping and snow removal. The committee also serves to keep the church cemetery in good condition. Session Members: Buzz Holton (chairperson) and Paul Allison.
Membership & Evangelism
The Membership & Evangelism committee is responsible for events and ministries that serve to draw the congregation closer together as a family and as children of God, as well as missional outreach to the community. Session Members: Paul Burns (chairperson) & Andrew Johnson. Staff Liaisons:  Pastor JT (Pastor). 
Mission & Stewardship
The Mission & Stewardship committee is responsible for selecting, encouraging, and walking with the missionaries that are  supported by the church. They also oversee Bellevue’s mission teams and outreach to local ministries. Along with the missional aspect, the committee also serves to oversee the stewardship of the time, talents, and financial gifts of the church. Session Members: Gary Snyder (chairperson) & Phil Castor. Staff Liaison: Pastor JT Holderman ( Pastor).
The Worship Committee oversees and plans the worship services of the church, that they align with glorifying God through the many details that need to take place of the service to run smoothly. The Worship Committee also oversees the music ministry of the church. Session Members: Rob Shaubach (chairperson) & Frank Rotella. Staff Liaisons: Pastor JT Holderman (Pastor) and  Louise Quillin (Director of Music and Organist).