As a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, we support many missionaries involved in the EPC’s World Outreach organization. Many of these missionaries that we have the privilege of supporting are in parts of the world where sharing the Gospel is prohibited and their safety would be called into question to list their names and where they are serving.

World Outreach is the mission mobilizing and sending arm of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. From its birth, the EPC established its World Outreach emphasis to enable the EPC to be a mission church.” World Outreach has a vision for reaching the unreached:

Our global vision is to glorify God through full-cycle church planting which firmly establishes the Church of Jesus Christ among the least-reached peoples, with a primary focus on the Muslim world.

This vision leads us to see our principal calling as working in those places where peoples have never heard, and cultures have not yet been transformed by the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and thus, there is no viable church established.

We believe the goal of missions is that God be glorified as Christ’s Church is established, and worshippers are gathered from every tribe, language and nation. Our work focuses on the planting of churches, equipping those churches and their leaders to grow to maturity, enabling them to reproduce themselves in their own culture, imparting a vision to them of sending out their own people as cross-cultural missionaries, and partnering with them to do so. Where possible, we seek to plant churches that are Reformed and covenantal, as we believe that is the clearest, though not the only, expression of biblical teaching.

To accomplish this purpose, we have committed ourselves to:

  • faithful proclamation of the gospel to the nations until the Lord returns
  • fervent prayer for the evangelization of the world
  • active participation in that glorious task through ministries of Word and deed

We also pursue strategic global partnerships which advance the full cycle of church planting where the church has already been established, and we pursue ministries which support and equip our missionary church planters and national church leaders, and which mobilize the people and churches of the EPC with a compelling mission vision.

More information on the EPC’s World Outreach can be found here.