David, Amanda and
Weston Doutrich
October 15, 2017

Our Prayer Family this week is David, Amanda (Mandy) and Weston Doutrich. They live in Gap. David is President of and is employed by Doutrich Homes and Mandy recently started working at Miller’s Smorgasbord. Weston is a sophomore at Temple University. They also have two daughters, Paige, married to Adam Knepp, who lives in Langorne and Falon, who lives in Paradise. They have two grandchildren, Parker who is 4 years old and Addie who is two years old.

David is an Elder currently serving on Session. He is also a Sunday School teacher and serves as a Community Group leader. Mandy serves on Deacons, leads Trotters and helps with MOPS.

David enjoys fishing, walking, the Phillies and YouTube sermons. Mandy likes baking, entertaining, exercising and their grandchildren. Weston enjoys soccer, tennis, Cru at Temple and spending time with Shelby Smith.

The Doutrich’s ask for prayer for aging parents with physical and mental health challenges. Prayer that we would use the opportunities we have to share the good news of Christ with friends and family.

Please remember in prayer:

Healing and Comfort

Kathleen Denlinger
Nancie Engel
Sue Gamble
Carol Girvin
John Harsh
Bob Mendenhall
Betsy Piasecki
Quickie & Barb Quick
Terry Renshaw
Norris Shirk
Elaine Skiles
Kathy Wenrich
Hans Bauer (Friend of Roland Berthoud)
Mike Bemelmans (Bob Bramble’s cousin)
Sharon Bookhammer (Jody Melson’s mother)
Sandy Coates (Dean Coates’ wife)
Randy Dougherty (Louise Poole’s great nephew)
David Driver (Sue Rotella’s father)
Nathan & Bennett Falcone(Grandsons of Paul & Margaret Allison)
Marcus Grimm (son of Joan Esworthy)
Bryan Hamlet (Carol Shaubach’s brother)
Keith Henry (Lee and Babe Coates)
Barb High (Kevin High’s mother)
Donald Kennedy (Bonnie Pryma’s father)
Shirley Marble (John Marble’s mother)
Gene Martin (Donna Law’s cousin)
Olivia Merryman (friend of Jim & Donna Law)
Richard Rissmiller (Lee and Babe Coates)
Damien Smucker (Student at Linville Hill)
Georgia Steadman (Resurrection Brooklyn)
Michael Williams (John & Linda Perella’s brother-in-law)
Jacqueline Young (friend of Carol Shaubach)