Ernie, Denise, Nate,
Lauren Girvin &
Bryce Goodroad
December 10, 2017

Our Prayer Family this week is Ernie, Denise, Nathan, & Lauren Girvin and Bryce Goodroad. Ernie and Denise live in Gap. Ernie works at Glaxo Smith Kline. They have three children. Nate works at Rothfus Masonry, Lauren is a junior at Pitt University and Bryce is in 4th grade at Salisbury Elementary School.

Ernie is a sound board operator and had previously served on the Usher Team.

Ernie enjoys reading and hiking, while Denise likes spending time with family, spending time with Cooper, their Golden Retriever, and listening to music. In the past, she has enjoyed traveling. Nate enjoys spending time with friends, Lauren likes playing the bass guitar and Bryce likes playing soccer, where he is the goalie for his travel team. He also enjoys playing video games.

Please pray for Denise’s health and for God’s guidance for their family.



Please remember in prayer:

Healing and Comfort

Linda DeFrank
Kathleen Denlinger
Nancie Engel
Steve Getty
Carol Girvin
Denise Girvin
Arlene Mendenhall
Bob Mendenhall
Jennifer Null
Betsy Piasecki
Quickie & Barb Quick
Norris Shirk
Elaine Skiles
Marie Smoker
Martha Walker
Kathy Wenrich
Sharon Bookhammer (Jody Melson’s mother)
Tom Buchius (friend of David & Mandy Doutrich)
Sandy Coates (Dean Coates’ wife)
David Driver (Sue Rotella’s father)
Paul Esworthy (John Esworthy’s son)
Nathan & Bennett Falcone(Grandsons of Paul & Margaret Allison)
Robert Heath (Friend of John & Linda Perella)
Keith Henry (Lee and Babe Coates)
Barb High (Kevin High’s mother)
Leon High (Kevin High’s uncle)
Shirley Marble (John Marble’s mother)
Damien Smucker (Student at Linville Hill)
Charlie VanNess (Friend of Bob Bramble)
Joel Wiand (Paul & Margaret Allison’s son-in-law)
Michael Williams (John & Linda Perella’s brother-in-law)
Jacqueline Young (friend of Carol Shaubach)
Angelica Zander (friend of Sue Rotella)


Nursing Home Members

Mary Diem
Martha Walker

(Please let us know if this list needs corrections or additions)