John and Denise
August 20, 2017

Our Prayer Family this week is John and Denise Byler. They in Gap. John and Denise are both in the real estate business serving not only Lancaster/Lebanon and Chester counties, but many more areas. They have four children; Kyle and Chase and their families who live in Lancaster and Lititz and Natalie and Shannon and their families who live in Oceanside, California and Carlsbad, California. They have a total of 12 grandchildren.

Denise is an Elder currently not serving on Session. She is Chairperson of the Mission and Stewardship committee, and serves on the Ukholovo Connection, Welcome Center, Membership and Evangelism Committee and attends a Community Group. Denise likes serving at The Factory on Bellevue night and at special functions. It is a pleasure to be able to do this and spend time with those who attend.

John enjoys golfing, water sports, hunting and reading history books. Denise likes the beach, flowers, painting and quiet times. She enjoys spending time with the grandchildren and attending their sporting activities. John and Denise also enjoy taking road trips and visiting other places.

Please remember those who have answered a special calling from our LORD. Our missionaries, who put their lives out front to spread God’s word and our service men and women, who are there to keep our country safe and free.

Please remember in prayer:

Healing and Comfort

Kathleen Denlinger
Mary Diem
Nancie Engel
Carol Girvin
John Harsh
Bob Mendenhall
Betsy Piasecki
Quickie & Barb Quick
Terry Renshaw
Elise  Roelands
Norris Shirk
Elaine Skiles
Mike Bemelmans (Bob Bramble’s cousin)
Kristina Blank (Kevin High’s girlfriend)
Sharon Bookhammer (Jody Melson’s mother)
Sandy Coates (Dean Coates’ wife)
David Driver (Sue Rotella’s father)
Nathan & Bennett Falcone(Grandsons of Paul & Margaret Allison)
Marcus Grimm (son of Joan Esworthy)
Keith Henry (Lee and Babe Coates)
Candace High (Kevin High’s aunt)
Donald Kennedy (Bonnie Pryma’s father)
Shirley Marble (John Marble’s mother)
Olivia Merryman (friend of Jim & Donna Law)
Charlotte Moore (Connie Campbell’s mother)
Richard Rissmiller (Lee and Babe Coates)
Damien Smucker (Student at Linville Hill)
Georgia Steadman (Resurrection Brooklyn)
Michael Williams (John & Linda Perella’s brother-in-law)
Jacqueline Young (friend of Carol Shaubach)

Missions and Missionaries

Loss of Loved One

The Family of Chuck Coates